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• Aircraft cable suspended linear T5 or HO-T5  uorescent lumi- naire featuring a precision-sculptured architecturally-pleasing pro le and a computer designed optical system. Provides su- perior indirect/direct illumination. Open top allows a powerful punch of indirect light. Cross blade baf e controls the direct light component.
• Optical system: Delivers a widespread indirect distribution for excellent ceiling uniformity and wide row spacing. Illumination softly re ects down  lling the entire volume of space evenly. The workspace is glare-free without shadows or bright spots. Broad angle illumination lights walls and vertical surfaces cre- ating a more open and comfortable space. Up to 15% direct light component helps to provide a subtle balance between ceiling and luminaire eliminating any sharp contrasting with illuminat- ed ceiling. Cross baffle controls direct brightness onto work areas and computer screens.
• Applications: Classrooms and high tech work areas, of ce spaces and computer rooms, and conference suites become a more productive and inviting environment when illuminated with indirect lighting. Individual single luminaire mounting or as a total room system using rows of multiple luminaires.
• Housing: Heavy-duty 20GA cold rolled steel housing and parts are fabricated in a computer-controlled operation for precise  t and a consistent sculptured “extruded-like” contour. Robot- ic spot-welds hold all internal parts together to yield perfect seamless connections.
• Portable end caps: One supplied and factory installed for each row end or two for each individually mounted luminaire. Laser cut from 18GA steel to yield a perfectly contoured “cast-look”. Features no visible hardware or holes. Aligner/joiner brackets supplied per row information.
Linear Indirect/Direct Lighting System Cross Blade Baf e Design T5 Lamping
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Re ector systems: Indirect white steel, 90% re ectivity.
• Lampingoptions:One,twoorthree-lampcrosssections,28W-T5, 54W-HO-T5, or optional T5 lamps. 4Ft. module or 8Ft. module with tandem lamps.
• Ballasts T5 and HO-T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light output, high power factor, THD less that 10%. End-of-life safety shut down feature. Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as specified. Multi-volt operates a range from 120V-277V, 50HZ-60HZ.
• Pre-wiring: Individual and row-end luminaires pre-wired with 18/3 white SJT power feed out 4ft. Row mounted luminaires supplied with P1 single circuit plug through wiring harnesses. P2 dual circuit plug through on request for dual circuit wiring or as standard with emergency battery back up.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated packs range from 500 up to 825 lumen output. Varies with lamp type.
• Finish: Custom formulated non-glare white powder coating is applied after fabrication. Provides a re ectivity of at least 90%.
• Installations: Cable suspended 24” from ceiling for optimum performance. Longer as speci ed. Choice of canopy kits for J-box mounting or T-bar mounting. Adjustable griplock  tting included.
• UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears their label. Suitable for dry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.

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