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• The HB80/FR  uorescent high bay luminaire is an enclosed alternative to the traditional HID high bay source. Enclosure is a framed  at acrylic smooth clear diffuser or alternate. Suitable for cold storage facilities down to 0 degree F and for mounting heights up to 40ft.
• Designed for warehouses, food processing, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail environments, and school gymnasi- ums that have high ceilings and wide open spaces. Use in new installations or as direct replacement for older inef - cient HID luminaires.
• Linear T8 lamp and ballast technologies are combined with ultra-high re ective materials to create superior optics and a very high performing and reliable luminaire. Provides many advantages over the HID source.
• Ultra high ef ciency: Over 98%, industrial style luminaire delivers up to 3540 initial lumens per each 32W-T8-82 CRI “800” series lamp when used with a 1.2 ballast factor high- light output ballast. Specify 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-lamps.
• Energy consumption: A 6-lamp luminaire using two 3-lamp high-light output ballasts consumes about one-half the energy of a typical 400W metal halide high bay  xture while maintaining comparable light levels. Replaces an HID high bay on a one-to-one basis with dramatic energy savings.
• Lamp and ballast technology features: Up to 30,000-hour lamp life, highest energy savings, zero degree F starting temps, instant on/instant re-strike, sound rating a quiet “A”, 93% lumen maintenance, 3000K, 3500K, and 4100K color temperatures, 82 CRI.
• Re ector: Luminaire design features a precision-formed multi-beveled Miro-4 enhanced aluminum re ector with a re ectivity of 95%. CAD designed to the corresponding number of lamps for maximum optics and performance. Other ma- terials on request.
• Ballasts T8: Electronic instant start, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Low ballast factor (.78bf), normal ballast factor (.88bf), or high ballast factor (1.20bf) as speci ed. Up to 4-lamps per ballast is standard. Six-lamp luminaires to have one 4-lamp and one 2-lamp combination as standard or op- tional two 3-lamp ballasts. Optional T8 ballast: programmed rapid start.
• Voltage: Multi-volt operating a range of 120V-277V, 50HZ-60HZ is standard. 480V/60HZ is available. Multi-circuit wiring upon request.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated packs range from 500 lumens up to 2000 lumens. Varies with lamp type
• Housings: Die formed code gauge cold rolled steel perma- nently assembled with rivets and screws. Vented top for opti- mum ballast performance. Ample knockouts are provided. Quick wiring access plate provided. Powder coated white  nish. All-aluminum housing is optional.
• Enclosures: Hinged and latched steel frame capable of swinging down for re-lamping. ASC/acrylic smooth clear lens is standard. Others diffusers are cataloged. Double gasketed enclosure is optional.
• Sockets: Bi-pin rotary locking type. Constructed from UV and heat resistant breakage-free polycarbonate.
• Occupancy sensors: Self-contained sensor mounts directly to luminaire. Provides occupancy control to individual lumi- naire with passive infrared technology. Reliable coverage up to 40Ft. height. Interchangeable lenses for 360 degree or aisle way pattern.
• Optional accessories: Ship separately; Wireguards, V hangers, stem sets, cable sets. Pre-installed; Y-shaped cable/paddle hangersandsinglestemmountingbox. Wired-in;GLRorGMF fusing, 120V 18/3-SJT cord sets, 120V 16/3-SJT cord and NEMA L5-15P twist-lock plug set, 277V 16/3-SJT cord and NEMA L7-15P twist-lock plug set,  ex sets.
• ULandCULlisted1598andbearstheirlabel.Suitablefordry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.
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Linear T8 Fluorescent High Bay Luminaire Door Framed Enclosure Cold Storage Capable
4-Lamp Unit
Optional Wireguard Assembly

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