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Enclosed and Gasketed Fluorescent Lighting Wet Location UL Listing
• Enclosed and gasketed  berglass luminaire designed and en- gineered to withstand most critical environments. Weather and chemical resistant, corrosion free, and impervious to vapors, dust, and moisture. UL listed for wet locations.
• Applications: Food handling and processing facilities, manufac- turing and fabricating, drug and chemical plants. Use in shower areas, parking garages, pedestrian and roadway tunnels, and out- door public areas.
• Modules: Lengths of 4ft. and 8ft. utilize the corresponding linear T5, T5-HO, T8 and T8-HO  uorescent lamps. Linear T12-HO avail- able for cold applications. On request a 2ft. module available.
• T5 Lamps: 4ft. linear 28W-T5 or 54W-HO-T5; one, two, or three- lamp cross sections. Tandem lamping on 8ft. modules.
• T8 Lamps: 4ft. linear 32W-T8; one, two, or three-lamp cross sections. 4ft. linear 44W-HO-T8; one-or two-lamp cross sections. Tandem lamping on 8ft. modules. 8ft. linear 59W-SL-T8 or 86W-HO-T8; one or two-lamp cross sections.
• T12Lamps:4ft.linear48-HO-T12(60W)or8ft.96-HO-T12(95W)for cold applications; one or two-lamp cross sections.
• Diffusers: Injection-molded clear virgin acrylic plastic with 25% DR added for strength and durability. Crepe pattern on the inside surface cuts glare while offering maximum light transmission. Smooth outside surface is resistant to dirt accumulation and bac- terial growth and is easily cleaned.
• Optional diffusers: DR/clear acrylic plastic with 100% DR for breakage resistance. PPC/clear UV stabilized unbreakable polycar- bonate material for freedom from abuse and vandalism.
• Housings: Compression molded in one-piece of non-conductive, non-corrosive, and self-extinguishing 5V-A  berglass reinforced polyester. A poured continuous gasketing permanently bonds and  lls perimeter channel where upon latching, the diffuser and housing form a liquid tight seal. Permanently  nished in a pearl white color that never needs painting or re nishing.
• Latches: Unbreakable polycarbonate with cam action and self-locking feature to stay closed without hardware. Optional stain- less steel latches are provided with tamperproof screws for added security against vandalism or unauthorized  xture entry. May be used without tamperproof screws.
• Heavy gauge steel-wiring channel and reflectors: Attached to the housing with internal brass studs for easy removal and quick instal- lations. Contains the ballast, sockets, and all wiring on an easy to handle one-piece component. Finished in baked white enamel with a minimum re ectivity of 87%.
• Optical re ectors: CAD designed for optimal re ective perfor- mance. Fabricated from Miro-4 enhanced specular aluminum with a 95% re ectivity.
• Ballasts T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light output, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Up to 2-lamps per 28W-T5 ballast. Up to 4-lamps per 54W-HO-T5 ballast.
• BallastsT8:Electronicinstantstart,normallightoutput,highpow- er factor, THD less than 10%. Up to 4-lamps per 32W-T8 ballast. Up to 2-lamps per 59W-SL-T8 ballast. Optional 32W-T8 performances; rapid start, high light output, or low watt. Electronic rapid start and up to 2-lamps per 44W-HO-T8 and 86W-HO-T8 ballast.
• Ballasts T12: Electronic rapid start, normal light output, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Up to 2-lamps per ballast.
• Cold temperature: Most ballast/lamp combinations have zero degree F low temperature starting. Some HO types will start at -20 degree F. When critical specify low temp.
• Voltage:Multi-voltoperatesarangefrom120V-277V,50HZ-60HZ.
• Emergency battery backup: Integrated pack, vented housing, UL damp label only. Lumen output varies with lamp type.
• Installations:A7/8”holeineachendforsurfaceconduitentryand continuous feeds. Liquid tight plugs supplied. Two die-cast zinc weatherproof hubs with gaskets and plugs are supplied. Threaded for 1⁄2” pipe.
• Mounting: Mount individually or continuous. Various topside em- bossments contain drill points for job site mounting options. Prop- er sealing will maintain wet location status.
• OptionalHangers:Stainlesssteel“slidegrip”stylehangerbrack- ets allow easy mounting without drilling housing. Hook under dif- fuser anywhere along length of housing. End chain brackets are held in place with hubs. Housing contains external threaded brass studs for other hanging options.
• UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears a UL wet location label. Approved by NSF International and bears their label. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture recognized. Union made and labeled.

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