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• Architectural linear  uorescent narrow recessed luminaire featuring a compact six-inch wide profile. Fits grid applications with a six-inch opening. Five standard lengths can be used individually or in continuous runs. Provides controlled direct down-light illumination utilizing linear T5 or T8  uorescent light sources. A complete menu of available diffusing media, lamping choices, and ballast options is featured. Specify the appropriate combinations for the application and desired performance needed.
• Applications:Useincommercial,retail,of ceandschoolen- vironments.
• T5 Lamps: Linear 4Ft. 28W-T5 or 54W-HO-T5 or option- al 49W-HO-T5; 3Ft. 21W-T5 or 39W-HO-T5, 2Ft. 14W-T5 or 24W-HO-T5. One or two-lamp cross sections.
• T8Lamps:Linear4Ft.32W-T8oroptional28W-T8;3Ft.25W-T8; 2Ft. 17W-T8. One or two-lamp cross sections.
• Housings: Die formed code grade heavy gauge cold rolled steel with end caps welded into place for strength and unifor- mity. Half-end option allows for continuous run of the louver or diffuser as it passes from  xture-to- xture.
• Finish: All steel housing parts are painted after fabrication with a white powder coating. Provides a re ectivity of 90% or great- er.
• Louvers and diffusers: See ordering data for complete list of available media. Parabolic cross blades in semi-specular or white aluminum are standard shielding media. Acyrlic pris- matic pattern #12 is standard diffusing media.
• Ballasts T8: Electronic instant start, high power factor, THD less that 10%. Low ballast factor (.78bf), normal ballast factor (.88bf), or high ballast factor (1.20bf) as speci ed. Up to 4-lamps per ballast is standard. Optional T8 ballasts: programmed rap- id start, step dimming. Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as speci ed.
Linear Fluorescent Narrow Recessed Module
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Ballasts T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light output, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Up to 2-lamps per bal- last is standard except; up to 4-lamps per ballast is standard for 54W-HO-T5. Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as speci ed.
• Voltage:Multi-voltoperatesarangefrom120V-277V,50HZ-60HZ. Dedicated voltages on request.
• A multiple lamp ballast operating the maximum number of lamps is standard. For split circuits and switching specify two-ballast option.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated packs range from 500-lumen output up to 1400 lumens. Varies with lamp type.
• Installations: Designed to  t NEMA Type G lay-in acoustical grid ceiling systems, 1” or 9/16” grid, having longitudinal runners 6” on center. Auxiliary hanging supports are sug- gested and may be required by state and local building and  re codes. Earthquake clips are not included but are available and are suggested. Mount individually or in continuous runs. Suf cient knockouts are provided for all electrical connections.
• ULandCULlisted1598andbearstheirlabel.Suitablefordry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.

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