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• Deep pro le recessed 2X2 luminaire for installation into grid type lay-in acoustical ceilings. Features heavy-duty construction.
• Door frame designed to accept diffusing media as speci ed.
• Linear T5 or T8  uorescent lamping as speci ed.
• U-shaped T8  uorescent lamping as speci ed.
• Twin-tube compact TT5  uorescent lamping as speci ed.
• Applications: A broad spectrum of uses in all commercial, retail, and public buildings where recessing into the ceiling is both desirable and possible. Use in of ce, school, and med- ical environments.
• Lamps T5: Linear 2Ft. 14W-T5 or 24W-HO-T5  uorescent; two, three or four-lamp cross sections. Other T5 lamps on request.
• Lamps T8: Linear 2Ft. 17W-T8  uorescent; two, three or four-lamp cross sections. U-6”-shaped 32W-T8; two-lamp cross section. Other T8 lamps on request.
• Lamps TT5: Twin-tube compact 40W-TT5 or 50W-TT5  uo- rescent; two, three, or four-lamp cross sections.
• Ballasts T5 and HO-T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light output, high power factor, THD less than 10%. End-of- lamp life safety shut down feature. Up to 3-lamps per 14W-T5 ballast and up to 2-lamps per 24W-HO-T5 ballast is standard.
• Ballasts T8: Electronic instant start, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Low ballast factor (.78bf), normal ballast factor (.88bf), or high ballast factor (1.20bf) as speci ed. Optional T8 ballasts; programmed rapid start, step dimming. Up to 4-lamps per ballast is standard.
• Ballasts TT5: Electronic instant start, normal light output, high power factor. THD less that 10% most ballast/lamp combinations. Up to 3-lamps per 40W ballast and up to 4-lamps per 50W ballast. Optional TT5 performances: rapid start circuit.
Deep Pro le Recessed Grid Luminaire 2X2 Module, Framed Door & Lens T5, T8 or TT5 Fluorescent
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Dimming: Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as speci ed.
• Voltage:Multi-voltoperatingarangeof120V-277V,50HZ-60HZ is standard.
• Optional wiring: A multiple lamp ballast operating the maximum number of lamps is standard. For split circuits and switching specify two-ballast option.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated pack ranges from 500-lumen output up to 1400 lumens. Varies with lamp type.
• Housings: Die formed code grade heavy gauge cold rolled steel with ample strengthening embossments. End plates are securely riveted or screwed onto the housing. Removable internal ballast and wiring cover.
• Door frames: Heavy gauge  ush steel frame has mitered-look corners and contains the speci ed diffusing media. Hinges down from either side of the housing or may be complete- ly removed. Two positive action cam latches hold the frame closed.
• Finish: White polyester powder coating applied after fabrication to all visible surfaces. Provides a durable long lasting and highly re ective  nish.
• Diffusing media: Standard diffuser is an acrylic prismatic clear pattern #12 lens. See ordering data for complete list of available media.
• Installations: Recessed installation into NEMA Type G lay-in acoustical grid ceiling systems, 1” grid or 9/16”  ne-line grid. For sheet rock ceilings, NEMA Type F applications, add addi- tional  ange kit or for overlapping  ange trim type luminaire see Series 12C. Suf cient knockouts are provided on the back and ends for all electrical connections. A quick wiring access plate is provided. Optional single or dual circuit quick wiring  ex.
• Four auxiliary suspension points are provided on the housing as a method of securing to the building structure as required by code.
• ULandCULlisted1598andbearstheirlabel.Suitablefordry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.

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