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• Parabolic shaped extruded aluminum  ood luminaire for outdoor applications. Linear  uorescent T8/Single-Pin, T8 or T12/Recessed-Double Contact light sources achieve uniform linear illumination with little vertical graduation. Mount individually or in continuous rows for unbroken lines of illumination.
• Engineered and designed to be corrosion-free with sealed- tight parts and strategic gaskets. Will withstand direct rain- fall, critical weather elements, insect invasions, and dirt accumulation. CSA listed for wet locations when aimed below horizontal.
• Supported by rigid conduit supplied by others and is capable of rotating 360 degrees for desired aiming. Remote ballasts are required. T8 lamping operates from remote standard type ballasts. Ballast boxes available. T12 lamping operates from weatherproof remote ballasts.
• Applications: Lighting and illuminating of signs and bill- boards, building facades and entrance ways, and general  ood lighting purposes.
• One or two-lamp cross sections, Slimline-T8 (Single-Pin T8), HO-T8 (Recessed-Double Contact T8), HO-T12 (Re- cessed-Double Contact T12), or VHO-T12 (Recessed-Double Contact T12) linear  uorescent.
• Lenghts/T8 Lamps: 4Ft/44W-HO-T8; 6Ft/65W-HO-T8; 8Ft/59W-SL-T8; 8Ft/86W-HO-T8.
• Lengths/T12 Lamps: 4Ft/60W-HO-T12 or 115W-VHO-T12; 6Ft/85W-HO-T12 or 160W-VHO-T12; 8Ft/110W-HO-T12 or 215W-VHO-T12.
• Diffusers: Acrylic smooth clear diffuser allows maximum light transmission while offering a barrier to the elements. Acrylic smooth white is optional and hides lamp image. Both diffusers are extruded in one-piece. Two aluminum retainers hold diffusers tightly in place or remove easily for lamping access.
• Housings: Extruded aluminum .062" thick, parabolic shaped for peak performance. Internal wireway along the housing back for all wiring to pass through. Integrated diffuser grooves along the sides form a positive moisture barrier. Die-cast aluminum end caps permanently riveted onto the housing complete the seal.
Sign and Facade Outdoor Luminaire Wet Location T8/Single-Pin, T8 or T12/Recessed-Double Contact Lamping
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Junction boxes: Two heavy gauge die cast aluminum boxes are supplied with neoprene gaskets and aluminum hard- ware. Each box has a gasketed access plate for entry to elec- trical splices. Boxes attach to rigid conduit and allow lumi- naire rotation. One box can support two units for continuous row mounting.
• Finish: Housing is  nished with a white powder coating inside and out. End caps and junction boxes have their natural aluminum color with a diffuse anodized  nish.
• Ballasts T12: See ballast matrix under ordering data for complete specs. All ballasts for T12 lamping are available in a sealed and weatherproof extruded aluminum can. UL approved for remote mounting and exposure to direct rain. Reliable lamp starting to –20 degrees F. Exposed wires exit through a silicon  lled 3/4" 14NP threaded nipple which should be mounted downwards. Aluminum mounting brackets are included. Standard ballasts may be used if installed in a protected environment. Multiple lamp ballasts may be used to operate two luminaires. Maximum ballast-to-lamp distances apply.
• BallastsT8:Seeballastmatrixunderorderingdataforcomplete specs. Only standard type non-weatherproof T8 ballasts are available. Starting temps vary with lamp type. Inquire when critical. Ballasts must be installed in a grounded ballast box or enclosure. A non-weatherproof ballast box is optional. Weatherproof enclosures are commercially available by others. Multiple lamp ballasts may be used to operate two luminaires. Maximum ballast-to-lamp distances apply.
• Sockets: Spring action and gasket facing forms a tight seal against possible moisture. Single-Pin sockets for Slim- line-T8 lamping. Recessed-Double Contact sockets for HO- T8, HO-T12, and VHO-T12 lamping.
• Installations: Supported by 3/4" 14NP rigid conduit by others. Length to be determined by lighting and field conditions. Conduit threads into junction box. Ballasts should be mounted no more than 15Ft away from luminaire.
• CSA listed and bears their wet location label for aiming below horizontal. Add optional weep holes for aiming above horizontal.

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