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Corner-Mounted Fluorescent Luminaire 45 Degree Angled Fascia
• Speci cation grade linear  uorescent luminaire designed for inconspicuous mounting along the corner line where the ceiling meets the wall. Luminaire has a 45 degree angled fascia to evenly direct the light from the ceiling down to the  oor.
• Applications: Intended for corridors and stairwells so that the luminaire can be safely tucked out of the way and into the corner. In some cases it may perform better than a cen- tered luminaire. May be run in continuous rows for evenly illuminating long corridors. Also works well in dormitories,  tting rooms, and locker rooms.
• Modules: Standard module length is a nominal 4ft. On request a 2ft. or 3ft. module may be available.
• T5 Lamps: Linear 28W-T5 or 54W-HO-T5; one, two, or three- lamp cross sections.
• T8Lamps:Linear32W-T8;one,two,orthree-lampcrosssec- tions. Other T8 lamps on request.
• Housings: Die formed code grade heavy gauge cold rolled steel. Ends are spot-welded into place for strength and rigidity. Internal wireway cover/re ector easily removable for full wiring access and provides maximum re ectance. Unique metal-to-metal design prevents light leaks around the door frame and adds additional strength and security.
• Door frames: Vandal-resistant heavy gauge  ush steel frame is spot-welded together and features mitered corners, heavy-duty concealed hinges, and counter-sunk machine screws to keep frame positively closed. Optional tamper proof screws are optional. Optional gasketing on request.
• Finish: All steel housing parts are painted after fabrication with a white powder coating providing a re ectivity of 90% or greater.
• Diffusers: Standard diffuser to be a clear acrylic prismatic sheet with a nominal .125” thickness. Optional unbreak- able clear polycarbonate prismatic or others as requested. All diffusers are held into the door frame with internal steel retainer strips and hidden machine screws.
• Ballasts T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light out- put, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Up to 2-lamps per 28W-T5 ballast. Up to 3-lamps per 54W-HO-T5 ballast. Others on request.
• Ballasts T8: Electronic instant start, high power factor, THD less that 10%. Low ballast factor (.78bf), normal ballast factor (.88bf), or high ballast factor (1.20bf) as speci ed. Optional T8 ballasts: programmed rapid start, step dimming. Up to 3-lamps per 32W-T8 ballast. Others on request.
• Voltage: Multi-volt operates a range from 120V-277V, 50HZ-60HZ. Dedicated voltages on request.
• A multiple lamp ballast operating the maximum number of lamps is standard. For split circuits and switching specify two-ballast option.
• Emergency battery backup: Integrated pack ranges from 500-lumen output up to 1400 lumens. Varies with lamp type.
• Installations: Designed for surface mounting directly to most wall types. Usually mounted at the corner line or just below where the ceiling meets the wall. Knockouts are provided on the back of the housing for all electrical connections. Blind knockouts on the ends for surface conduit entry or continu- ous feeds. Six mounting holes along the back for heavy-duty anchoring.
• UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears their label. Suitable for dry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.

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