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• Single lamp linear T5  uorescent open lamp staggered lu- minaire uniquely designed with an adjustable side lamp. Can be  eld adjusted to job and row conditions. Side lamp has an adjustable overlap range of four to 16 inches, giving an overall length of 76" to 88".
• Designed to  t with standard MD one-lamp T5 staggered series to facilitate proper row lengths.
• When installed in continuous runs, the overlapping of the lamps prevents dark spots usually appearing when standard type strips are used. The results are a highly pleasing appearance of unbroken light.
• Fully assembled two-piece housing is mechanically fas- tened together and tightens down at needed overlap.
• Applications: Generally speci ed for direct or indirect cove and valence lighting. Used for all types of commercial, retail, and residential architectural details.
• Lamps: Utilizes all linear T5 and HO-T5  uorescent lamps. One-lamp cross section.
• Lengths/Lamps:Nominal8Ft.housing/(2)-28W-T5or54W-HO-T5 tandem lamps. Other T5 lamps as speci ed.
Linear T5 1-Lamp Fluorescent Adjustable Staggered Luminaire
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Ballasts T5 and HO-T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light output, high power factor. THD less that 10%. End-of-life safety shut down feature. Multi-volt operates a range from 120V-277V, 50HZ-60HZ. Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as speci ed. Other performance ballasts as speci ed.
• Optional wiring: Single or dual circuit quick connect plug through wiring harnesses. Master-slave wiring.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated pack ranges from 500-lumen output up to 1300 lumens. Varies with lamp type.
• Housing: Unitized housing from heavy gauge cold rolled steel. Welded ends and socket bars. Screw-down covers easily go in or out from tight spots. Easy install snap-in sockets for fast instal- lation. Sufficient knockouts provided on fixture back and ends. Baked enamel finish provides minimum reflectivity of 87%.
• Sockets: Miniature T5 quarter-turn bi-pin rotary locking type. • Optional shielding and directional re ectors: On request. • Optional accessories: On request.
• ULandCULlisted1598andbearstheirlabel.Suitablefordry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.
Minimum Overall Length Middle Overall Length Maximum Overall Length 224 MERCURY LIGHTING FLUORESCENT

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