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Linear T5 Fluorescent Mini Under Cabinet, Task Luminaire
• An architecturally sleek and ultra thin one-inch high linear T5  uorescent luminaire. Designed for all under cabinet and task lighting needs. Luminaire usually mounts out-of- sight, offering high performance task illumination. Solid front design keeps extraneous light from hitting the eyes. Improves productivity, reduces fatigue and eyestrain, and adds a sense of well being to persons doing task work.
• Applications: Task lighting of desks and workstations in of ce, educational, and hospital environments. Can be incorporated into modular furniture and display material. Use as under cabinet lighting in residential and multi-family kitchens.
• One-lamp cross section, single or tandem T5 linear  uo- rescent.
• Lamps: 1-8W-T5; 1-13W-T5; 2-8W-T5 tandem; 1-8W-T5 & 1-13W-T5 tandem; 2-13W-T5 tandem; 1-14W-T5; 1-21W-T5; 1-28W-T5.
• Housings: Die formed housing and ends from code grade cold rolled steel as one continuous seamless piece. Removable bottom panel provides access to the ballast and wiring and locks in place. No unsightly hardware is used. Ample knockouts are provided. Finished with a high quality white enamel paint offering an 87% re ectivity. Optional  nishes on request.
• Diffusers: A one-piece clear diffuser with sharp linear prisms is extruded from 100% virgin acrylic material for high performance, durability, and long lasting service. Permits maximum light transmission while controlling direction and glare. Snaps into place and is easily removed for lamp access.
• Ballasts 8W and 13W Lamps: Electronic instant start, normal light output, normal power factor, sound rating A. Operates one or two tandem lamps. 120V-60HZ standard. Optional magnetic ballasts for 277V-60HZ.
• Ballasts14W,21Wand28WLamps:Electronicprogrammed start, normal light output, high power factor, sound rated A. Multi-volt 120V-277V 50-60HZ standard.
• Switching & electrical options: All options 120V only. Rocker switch, grounded 3-wire outlet, SJT 18/3-cord and plug power feed.
• Installations: Suitable for individual mounting under shelving and cabinets. May be butted for end-to-end continuous use with another unit. Keyhole slots and mounting holes are provided along the top for installations. A mini one-inch diameter BX connector is supplied with each  xture.
• UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears their label. Suitable for dry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.
Grounded Outlet Optional Rocker Switch Optional
Cord & Plug Optional

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