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• European design and engineering. Bold and sleek lumi- naire with superior performance. Enclosed and gasketed will withstand most critical environments.
• Weather and chemical resistant, corrosion free, and im- pervious to vapors, dust, and moisture. UL listed for wet locations.
• A wide pro le and nominal 4Ft. length offers a cross section of four or six linear 28W-T5, 54W-HO-T5, or 32W-T8  uorescent lamps.
• Applications: Food handling and processing facilities, re- frigerated storage, drug and chemical plants, and other types of industrial and commercial jobs. Use in parking garages, gymnasiums, pedestrian and roadway tunnels, construction sites, and outdoor public areas.
• High bay applications: Warehouses, manufacturing, and retail environments with high ceilings and wide-open spac- es are more ef ciently lit with multiple linear 54W-HO-T5 lamping when combined with T5 ballast technologies. Addi- tional performances are available with optional ultra-high re ective Miro-4 re ectors.
• Diffusers: Injection-molded for precise details. Clear virgin high impact acrylic is suitable for tough environ- ments. Linear prisms along the sides and frosted end panels reduce brightness and obscure lamps. Optically clear face offers a 91.5% light transmission. Optional UV stabilized unbreakable polycarbonate for extreme envi- ronments.
• Housings: Compression molded in one-piece of non-con- ductive, non-corrosive, and self-extinguishing 5V-A  ber- glass reinforced polyester. A closed cell polyurethane gas- ket compresses against the diffuser and housing to form a liquid tight seal. Permanently  nished in a pearl white color that never needs painting or re nishing.
• Latching: Stainless steel latches, 12 per  xture, snap closed to assure positive diffuser retention. Captive design prevents lost latches. Pre-drilled allows the use of tamper proof screws.
Euro-Designed Enclosed and Gasketed Fluorescent Luminaire Wide Pro le, 4 or 6-Lamp Cross-Sections Supports High Bay Applications Wet Location UL Listing
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Steel-wiring tray/reflector: Heavy gauge cold rolled steel tray contains the ballast, sockets, and all wiring. Held in place with four stainless steel spring fittings. Tray can be hinged down for easy installations or maintenance. Finished in white enamel with a minimum reflectivity of 87%.
• Optical re ectors: Optional re ectors are CAD designed for optimal re ective performance. Fabricated from Miro-4 en- hanced specular aluminum with a 95% re ectivity.
• Ballasts: See Ballast type under ordering data for com- plete specs. All ballasts are electronic. Most ballast/lamp combinations have zero degree F low temperature starting. When critical specify low temp. Most ballasts are multi-volt 120V-277V/50HZ-60HZ. Available in 480V/60HZ. Other bal- lasts upon request. Multi-circuit wiring upon request.
• Emergency battery back-up: Integrated pack, vented hous- ing, UL damp label only. See Misc. section under ordering data for speci c packs and specs.
• Installations: A 7/8" hole in one end is provided for conduit entry. One liquid tight plug supplied. A second 7/8" hole in other end on request.
• Mounting: No additional holes need to be drilled through housing. Two stainless steel V-hangers supplied which hook to the sides of the housing. Various cable hangers are compatible for easy installations.
• Optional wired-in accessories: GLR or GMF fusing, 120V 18/3-SJT cord sets, 120V 16/3-SJT cord and NEMA L5-15P twist-lock plug set, 277V 16/3-SJT cord and NEMA L7-15P twist-lock plug set, occupancy sensors.
• UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears a UL wet location label. Also approved by NSF International for food handling ap- plications. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture recognized. RoHS com- pliant. High pressure HOSE TEST compliant. IP67 certi ed. Union made and labeled.

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