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• Ultra shallow recessed 2X2  uorescent luminaire featuring a computer designed precision optical system that provides indirect/direct illumination. An optically correct double arched re ector enables precise indirect light distribution. A center mounted drop-down two-piece perforated split light shield provides the soft direct illumination.
• The system delivers comfortable illumination by  lling the entire volume of space evenly. Broad angle illumination lights walls and vertical surfaces creating a more open and comfortable space.
• All components are recessed above the ceiling line except the drop-down split light shield, which protrudes down 1-7/8".
• Housings are die formed from 20GA cold rolled steel and fabricated in a computer-controlled operation. Spot-welds and rivets hold all parts together for strength and unity. Pry-out style grid supports are located on the sides.
• The indirect re ector, CAD designed to the optimum con- tour, is a two-piece system. One side is securely screwed into the housing with hidden hardware. The other side is held in place with quarter turn cam locks for easy ballast access.
• The center split light shields are die formed and fabricated from heavy gauge perforated steel and integrated with internal white Mylar panels. Each light shield is capable of swinging down for lamp access.
• A custom formulated non-glare white powder coating is applied to the re ector, light shields, and the housing after fabrication. Provides a re ectivity of at least 90%.
Shield Detail Shield Detail
2X2 Center Drop Split Light Shield Ultra Shallow Indirect/Direct Luminaire
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Lamping options: Two-twin tube compact  uorescents; 40W-TT5, 50W-TT5, or 55W-TT5. Two 2Ft. linear T5  uo- rescents; 14W-T5 or 24W-HO-T5.
• Ballasts: Full electronic, normal light output, high power factor. See ordering data for complete speci cations. Multi- volt standard with most compact TT5 and linear T5 units. Dimming ballasts are voltage speci c.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated packs range from 450 up to 1125 lumen output. Varies with lamp type.
• Air return: Optional air return slots allow room air to be circulated back into plenum.
• A quick wiring access plate is located on back of the housing. Additional knockouts provided. Factory installed lamps and power whips as speci ed.
• Designed for installation into NEMA Type G lay-in acoustical grid ceiling systems, 1" grid or 9/16"  ne-line grid. Optional  t available for screw slot grid. For NEMA Type F dry wall applications an additional  ange kit must be used with Type G housing. Four pullout type security clips, located in the housing, lock over the ceiling grid work. Four auxiliary sus- pension points are also provided for securing to building structure.
• UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears their label. Suitable for dry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.

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