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• Newest addition to the Zenith HE/High ef ciency series, this 2X2 recessed luminaire delivers  xture ef ciencies in excess of 81% while providing total volume illumination.
• Ultra-Shallow design features a uniquely engineered fully luminous 2X2 articulated acrylic panel and internal re ec- tor system. This combination drives high  xture ef ciencies while providing the comfort and aesthetics demanded in to- day’s energy conscious environments.
• Ef ciency: Enhanced two-lamp linear T5 or T8  uorescent lighting system produces signi cant energy savings over other types of recessed luminaires. Up to 35% in energy sav ings over three-lamp parabolic  xtures with comparable lighting levels. Low watt per square foot ratios helps to meet most lighting power density codes. Fixture ef ciencies of 81.4% and 81.3% as tested with two 24W-HO-T5 lamps and two 17W-T8 lamps, re- spectively. Qualifies for many state and national rebate programs.
• Comfort: Engineered and designed to  ll an entire volume of space with near perfect illumination. Evenly  lls that space with comfortable illumination, making it feel more spacious, attractive and inviting. Walls and vertical surfaces are evenly illuminated from top to bottom. Retail spaces come alive, as merchandise looks natural. Workspaces are more attractive and friendly and a sense of well-being is achieved. Class- rooms become more inviting as students have less fatigue and are more apt to learn. Facial features look their best.
• Aesthetics: Uniform panel brightness and glare control helps luminaire to blend quietly into the ceiling without drawing undue attention.
• Luminous panel: Unique four-piece panel is extruded from 100% acrylic with an added colorless frosting blended into the material. Matching arched side panels invisibly connect to a two-piece center-curved panel. Strategically placed rib- bing hides lamp imaging. The appearance of one softly illu- minated continuous panel is architecturally pleasing.
• Re ector system: Internal four-direction housing re ector system maintains uniform luminous panel brightness.
Shield Detail
>81% Ef ciency 2X2 Fully Luminous Panel Total Volume Luminaire Enhanced Fluorescent Lighting System
Fixture Type: Job Information:
• Housing: Die formed from code-grade heavy gauge cold rolled steel and fabricated in a computer-controlled operation. Rivets and self-locking joints hold all parts together for strength and unity. Luminous panel contained in a four-sided hinged frame. Pry-out style grid supports are located on the ends.
• Finish: A custom formulated non-glare white powder coating is applied to the re ectors and the housing after fabrication. Provides a re ectivity of at least 90%.
• T5 Lamps: Two or three 2Ft. linear  uorescent lamps; 14W-T5 or 24W-HO-T5.
• T8Lamps:Twoorthree2Ft.linear uorescentlamps;17W-T8. Others as speci ed.
• Ballasts T5: Electronic programmed start, normal light out- put, high power factor, THD less than 10%. Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as speci ed.
• Ballasts T8: Electronic instant start, high power factor, THD less that 10%. Low ballast factor (.78bf), normal ballast factor (.88bf), or high ballast factor (1.20bf) as speci ed. Optional T8 ballasts: programmed rapid start. Lutron or Advance dimming ballasts as speci ed.
• Voltage:Multi-voltoperatesarangefrom120V-277V,50HZ-60HZ. Dedicated voltages on request.
• Emergency battery back up: Integrated packs range from 450 up to 1125 lumen output. Varies with lamp type.
• Installations: Designed for installation into NEMA Type G lay-in acoustical grid ceiling systems, 1” grid or 9/16”  ne- line grid. For NEMA Type F dry wall applications an addition- al  ange kit must be used with Type G housing. Four pull- out type security clips, located in the housing, lock over the ceiling grid work. Four auxiliary suspension points are also provided for securing to building structure. A quick wiring access plate is located on back of the housing. Addition- al knockouts provided. Factory installed lamps and power whips as speci ed.
• ULandCULlisted1598andbearstheirlabel.Suitablefordry locations or optional damp locations with UL Damp Label. Union made and labeled.

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