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• High performance linear configured LED module boards.
• Each board consists of multiple mid-power, high efficacy LEDs in a precise layout eliminating the need for supplemental heat sinking.
• The boards produce an even and diffuse light which maximizes optical ef ciency.
• Compatible with the dimming performance of the LED driver.
• Color temperatures available: 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.
• Upon request: 5000K.
• Factory programmable constant current LED power supply.
• Multiple standard drive current outputs (factory set by Mercury) are cataloged with their corresponding lumen package offerings. Upon request, custom drive current outputs and lumen packages are available.
• Note: Certain cataloged lumen packages may be provided with a non-programmable con- stant current LED power supply at Mercury’s discretion. Contact factory if critical.
• Universalvoltageinput,120V-277V,50HZ-60HZ.
• Speci cation grade dimming down to 10% on
0-10V dimming controls.
• Cataloged standard lumen packages. See at- tached chart for full details.
• Custom lumen packages pre-set are optional with programmable drivers only. Contact factory for details.
• Fabricated from 20 gauge or optional 18 or 16 gauge cold rolled steel with housing ends welded into place.
• Diffuser retaining strips secured with tamper- proof screws.
• White polyester powder coating  nish for long lasting durability.
• Suf cient electrical knockouts are provided on the housing back and ends.
Fixture Type: Job Information:
Vandal Resistant Option- Linear LED Luminaire VERY HIGH LUMEN PACKAGES
• Vandal resistant linear ambient LED lumi- naire featuring an unbreakable polycarbon- ate diffuser.
• Diffuser is secured by heavy-gauge steel retaining strips and tamperproof screws.
• Housing fabricated from 20 gauge or optional
16 or 18 gauge cold rolled steel.
• All internal components are protected. •Designed to withstand severe cases of
vandalism and abuse.
• Applications include schools, public housing
complexes, parking garages, hospitals, po- lice precincts, recreation facilities, and all other medium to maximum-security locations.
• Extra-wide 13” foot print conveniently covers up existing ceiling blemishes or holes if used for retro t applications.
• Gently-curving high transmission poly- carbonate diffusersurroundstheLEDlight source enabling a very wide and near-perfect light distribution.
• Design allows for greater lumen packages which are useful for the higher ceilings in gymnasiums, big box retailing, and industrial facilities.
• Custom formulated high diffusion polycar- bonate frosted material allows for maximum light transmission while eliminating pixilation and hot spots.
• Available module lengths: 2Ft. (24”), 4Ft. (48”) or 8Ft. (96”).
• Digital LED technology provides high efficacy and energy ef ciency.
• Multiple power and light levels are offered as standard to allow meeting design and energy needs per application. Custom factory set levels available on request.
• Lumenmaintenance;ReportedL70(hours) & L80 (hours) > 60,000.
• CRI greater than 80.
• American Made.
• Nominal nine-inch wide gently-curved pro le design.
• Extruded from custom formulated high trans- mission unbreakable polycarbonate frosted material.
• Linear ribbing for high LED performance.
• Self contained module, 5W, 7W, 10W or 12W as speci ed. Battery backup upon loss of power. Available 4Ft. and 8Ft. modules only.
• May not be available with some higher lumen packages. See Lumen package matrix.
• May be installed in any direction, individually or in continuous run applications.
• May be surface mounted or suspended.
• End knockouts for surface conduit entry.
• Luminaire: UL and CUL listed 1598 and bears
their label. Suitable for damp locations.
• 5-year limited warranty is standard. Special 10-year warranty available on a job-to-job basis. Complete LED warranty terms available at
• Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application.
• Most LED luminaires are suitable to operate in ambient temperatures from -20C (-4F) to 25C (77F).
• The following exclusions apply: Luminaires with optional standby lighting option, integral lighting controls options, or wireless control options. Consult factory.
• LM-79 testing was measured under a controlled 25C (77F) ambient operating temperature.

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